Binder and Boring continue the battle between Superman and Zha-Vam in Action 352 (July 1967).


Zha-Vam taunts and toys with Superman through much of this issue.  He is wearing a belt that temporarily gives himthe powers of other mythological beings.  He makes Superman press his belt, and gains the serpentine hair of Medusa, freezing Superman to stone.  Lois Lane helps Superman get out of that one, but the next button he presses gives Zha-Vam Morpheus’ powers, and puts Superman to sleep.


The only thing that really drives this chapter is Superman’s refusal to give in, as he just keeps trying and trying, and failing every time.


Superman even resorts to some underhanded measures by the end of the tale.  He gets  himself a ring with a paralysis drug in it, and intends to jab Zha-Vam in his Achilles Heel.  But Zha-Vam has kryptonite feet!  Of course he does.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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