Binder and Boring bring their three part Zha-Vam story to a conclusion in Action 353 (Aug. 67).


Superman figures that he needs to learn more about Zha-Vam in order to defeat him, and so he travels backin time to anceint Olympus, adopting the guise of a bard.  He sees that the various gods form Zha-Vam out of clay, and endow him with their various powers.  So he is actually a bit less of Captain Marvel, and a bit more Wonder Woman.


Neptune is jealous of Zeus and his powers, and so is eager and willing to aid Superman, giving him his own belt, and pantheon of mythological characters to draw from.


Superman returns to the present, and challenges Zha-Vam to a final battle.  They are far more venly matched, as both can draw on magical heroes.  Superman calls up Atlas, and together they have the strength to defeat Zha-Vam.  Superman brings the defeated being back to Olympus, and confronts the gods about their creation.  Ashamed, they return Zha-Vam to the clay he was formed from.

It’s not really a bad story.  But all it really does is make one wish for an actual confrontation between Superman and Captain Marvel.

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