Lex Luthor has a small role in Action 354 (Sept. 67), and that forces me to include this story by Cary Bates and Al Plastino.


Superman is having a hard time fighting a weird, alien creature.  Then a scrawny look kid shows up, calling himself Captain Incredible, and easily takes the creature down.


Captain Incredible rishes off, but returns when Superman finds himself caught in a kryptonite deathtrap by Luthor.  Captain Incredible has no such weakenss, and saves the hero. Oddly, he then turns against him, and begins attacking Superman.


Superman head through the time barrier, and winds up in the 27th century, where he meets the scientist who created Captain Incredible.  The “boy” is a robot, sent to help Superman.  The time travel wound up reversing its circuits, which is why he began attacking.

Superman heads back, and lures Incredible through the time barrier.  Once back in its own time, the robot stops malfunctioning.  Superman heads back to the present, as Captain Incredible sticks around as the hero of his time.


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