Supergirl gets the cover story for Action 368 (Oct. 68), continuing her battle with Alpha and Beta, courtesy of Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger.


Supergirl uses gold kryptonite on herself, permanently removing her powers.  Changing back into Linda, she hovers around the domed campus until Alpha and Beta spot her, and bring her into the sealed Stanhope College.  Her powers would have set off a bomb, but it still seems like a really extreme move.


At least we learn what the two women are up to.  They are not aliens, they are from the distant future, and have travelled back in time to find the man who would one day invent “noricon.”  This substance is really valuable, and their plot is to basically corner the market, by getting him to invent it earlier. Of course, the poor guy has no idea how to invent it yet, and the idea is compared to asking an 8 year old Thomas Edison to invent a lightbulb.


As the mid-part reaches a climax, Supergirl has found the inventor boy, and is keeping him safe.  But Supergirl’s absence has drawn Superman’s attention, and he flies towards the dome, intending to smash it, unaware that this will blow up the campus (as per the cover image.)

The story concludes in the next issue.


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