Binder, Swan and Abel conclude Superman’s troubles with the peace-bringing Sentinels in Action 369 (Nov. 68).


Superman discovers his world of exile is somewhat medieval, and definitely hostile.  Things go from bad to worse for him, until the sun rotates.  It’s half red, half yellow, in some physics defying situation.  When the yellow side faces him, Superman regains his powers, and flies back to Earth.


There, he discovers that the Sentinels have sealed off the Fortress of Solitude, and Superman worries that they will destroy Kandor.  When he sees that the Sentinels are mechanical, Superman becomes certain that they are part of some plot against him, and travels the world, seeking out and destroying the devices.


Only then does he learn that they were really working for the good of mankind.  They knew Superman would suspect them, so got him off planet on purpose.  They were working to enlarge Kandor when they sealed the Fortress.  Had Superman not destroyed them, the Sentinels would have left Earth peaceful and safe.


Not a bad story, could have had more impact, though.  I don’t understand the purpose of having Jack Abel drown Curt Swan’s pencils with his inks.

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