Oh, which is the evil costume?  The one with the X, or the other one?  Well, to be fair, the story doesn’t even try to pretend there is a choice, in Action 383 (Dec. 69).


An alien cop is pursuing an alien criminal, but both get disintegrated, and their life forces merge with their costumes, as they get irradiated by a comet while bearing Earth, in this story by Bates, Swan and Roussos.  The costumes come to Earth, and we follow the story of the evil one.  It takes over a person at random, but they are not evil enough, and get disintegrated.


The costume finds a more fitting home on the body of a mob boss.  With it on, he is a match for Superman, but unable to defeat him.


While the mob boss sleeps, the costume leaves him, and goes in search of a stronger person to wear it.  The last panel sees it, and the good costume, racing to the Fortress of Solitude.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Chameleon Boy gets to star in this month’s story, by Bridwell, Mortimer and Abel.  Although it does not bring back Princess Elwinda, who he almost married in a late story in Adventure Comics, he does meet an identical woman in this tale, Janice Warren.


Karate Kid is briefly seen as leader, but the only other Legionnaire to have a significant role is Princess Projectra.  She is friends with Janice, and brings Chameleon Boy along to a party at her house.  At his request, she finds out what Janice thinks of him, but she dismisses him as a yucky alien.


So Chameleon Boy adopts a human appearance, patterning himself on her description of an ideal man.  Things go well, until he gets framed for theft.


He is forced to reveal his true identity to bring down the thief, another shape changer.  And though Janice seems to now be attracted to Chameleon Boy, she is never seen again.  But then, he only cared about her because she looked identical to someone else, so which one is the more shallow?


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