Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson continue on the Superman stories in Action 404 (Sept. 71).


This story deals with Rufus Caesar, a millionaire who idolized Superman, and dreamed of having his powers. This became an obsession, and he spent a huge amount developing a machine that would transfer Superman’s powers to himself.


Superman is tricked into the machine, and fights against it at first.  But then he realizes that Caesar will not be able to absorb all his energy, and allows it to flow, waiting for the backlash.


And, indeed, the power overloads and shorts out Caesar, leaving him a vegetable.

The final couple of panels are the first appearance on Morgan Edge in this book.  Edge runs Galaxy Communications, which had bought the Daily Planet, and made Kent a television reporter.  None of that had been referenced in the pages of Action at all until this issue.

The stories in Action at present, while blessed with Swanderson art, are all fairly basic stories, using little of the supporting cast or villains.

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