A voodoo doll proves troublesome for Superman in the Dorfman, Swan and Anderson story in Action 413 (June 1972).


Superman suffers from the attacks of Dr. Mystir, who has a voodoo doll he uses to affect Superman, preventing him from flying, pinning him to the ground.


Dr.Mystir’s actions draw the attention of Lex Luthor, who dons a disguise to approach the man.


It doesn’t take long for Luthor to figure out that the voodoo is a fake, and the mystic is really Brainiac, using a high tech device.  As Superman tries to deal with a supernatural problem, Luthor and Brainiac figure they have free run.

Brainiac explains how he ordered a decommissioned Superman robot to rebuild his body, after he had been dismantled by Superman.  The robots had all ceased to function in the polluted environment, as recounted earlier in the year in World’s Finest.


But Superman’s super-hearing clued him in to Brainiac’s scheme, and he uses super-vibrations to nullify the doll’s effect.  Brainiac appears to disintegrate himself and Luthor at the end of the story, but they both return in a few months.


Metamorpho begins as a back-up series, by Bob Haney, John Calnan and Murphy Anderson.  The art is a passable match for the distinct look of the series.  Metamorpho, along with his girlfriend Sapphire Stagg, her father Simon, and his caveman bodyguard Java, had all last appeared in an issue of Brave and the Bold a couple of months earlier.


In this story Simon Stagg is approached by an old college friend, to help fund “Morality Mountain, ” with its carvings of the seven deadly sins.


He brings Stagg and his crew there, showing off the work done so far.  He brings Stagg into a separate room, announcing that he intends to kill him.


And we see that Sapphire, Java and Metamorpho are in even more danger.

The story concludes next issue.


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