Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson create in interesting opponent for Superman in Action 414 (July 1972).


Gregory Reed is introduced, an actor who plays Superman.  The name is reminiscent of George Reeves, who had played Superman on television, but died.  Superman comes to his rescue during a filming accident, but Reeves bitterly resents the hero.


I do enjoy the scene where Reed removes the costume and padding, emphasizing that he does not really look like the hero.


Reeves has gotten into the occult, and has had a spell cast, which transfers their minds, putting him in Superman’s body.

It is then that we learn that Reed was horribly disfigured in an accident, and has been forced to play Superman ever since, which has driven him close to insane.


Reed transfers the bodies back, so Superman can save them, as Reed cannot use the powers properly.  Superman has nothing but pity for the man, who asks for help as the story ends.

And Reed will get help, and return throughout the 70s as a minor supporting character in the Superman books.


Metamorpho concludes his first adventure in this book, by Haney, Calnan and Anderson.


Rex Mason does not come off as particularly competent in this story, barely able to keep Sapphire and Java safe, while Simon argues with his would-be killer.


It’s even Simon Stagg who clues Metamorpho in to what chemical to become to neutralize the threat.  One Metamorpho does this, taking down the bad guy is a snap.

A good try at a Metamorpho story, but not quite on par.

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