Dorfman, Swan and Anderson conclude the Crime Lords story in Action 418 (Nov. 72).


Superman works alongside Luthor, Brainiac, Grax and the Marauder, but they have little success against the destructive phantoms Superman gives off, particularly as it keeps happening whenever Superman does anything.


They want Superman to bring them to the Fortress to work on a solution.  He refuses, but does accompany them to their own lair, where the Marauder promptly gets him into a trap.  Indeed, they were behind this all along, the destructive phantoms were their plan, and are controlled by the Marauder’s helmet.


Luthor also gets betrayed by the villains.  They were telling the truth when they said the phantoms would destroy the world.  That had been their goal, which they kept from Lex.  Imprisoned alongside Superman, Luthor has little trouble changing sides, and helping his former foe against his former allies.  Superman gets Marauder’s helmet, and turns the phantoms on the villains, making them flee.

This is the final appearance of the Marauder.  I guess he was too scared to ever try to get his helmet back.  Grax does make a return, in the pages of Super Friends.  Luthor and Brainiac are back within the year.


Metamorpho’s series in Action ends with this story by Haney and Calnan.  Simon Stagg is dying, and Rex, Java and Sapphire gather to hear his will.  One really would expect Randall to be around for this, so he is clearly gone.


Metamorpho is to receive a million dollars, but only on the condition that he brave a kraken to recover a rare mineral.


He does complete the task, but is suspicious about the situation.  Sure enough, Stagg is not dead.  He faked it just to get Metamorpho to complete the task he required.


That’s a pure Simon Stagg move, and the only think in this brief run that feels like its part of a Metamorpho story.  Although the ending is good as well, when Stagg finds that the minerals are also useless.

The subscript informs the reader that the Metamorpho series is moving to the pages of Superman’s Friend,Jimmy Olsen, but in fact it returns in the pages of World’s Finest in a couple of months.

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