Elliot S Maggin joins Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson for a diverting little tale in Action 420 (Jan. 73), which introduces a new supporting character for the Superman books, quite by the wayside.


Johnny Nevada is introduced in this story, a popular talk show host, based on Johnny Carson. (as in, Carson City, Nevada).  But he is not really featured at all.  More important in this tale is a young man who is trying to book Superman as a guest on the show, in order to secure a job with him.


Chaos is added to the mix by an interstellar bard, Towbee, who creates a magical monster for Superman to battle, so that he can compose a song about it.  He also creates a Clark Kent, to make things easier.


So there is no real villain in this story, but it remains entertaining.


The man manages to book both Superman and Clark Kent for the Johnny Nevada show, securing his job (though we never see him again).  Superman sends the fake Clark back to Towbee after the taping.


Some excellent art on this month’s Human Target story, by Wein and Giordano.  Christopher Chance is hired to impersonate a big game hunter whose life has been threatened.  Despite not liking the man at all, Chance takes the contract. We get to see Luigi again, this time in the restaurant that he runs.


The hunter winds up killing the person he hired Chance to protect him from, but Christopher suspicions are aroused.  Sure enough, the man was already dead.  Chance had been hired to be an unwitting alibi for a murder, not a Human Target at all.  He is more than happy to take down the murderous hunter.


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