A neat cover for Action 422 (March 1973), and the boy is the main character of the story by Bates, Swan and Anderson, a boy born with an extreme illness that keeps him isolated as he grows up.


The boy is addicted to a sci-fi television show that resembles The Fugitive. One of the characters is even named Rolf Kimb.  The main actor is being written out, as the one who has been chasing him will be the lead from now on.  The boy is terribly upset, and leaves his room to help the hero.  The boy has issues telling reality from fantasy.


Also upset is the actor being fired.  He has already tried to kill his co-star, and takes advantage of the boy’s gullibility to convince the boy to murder his replacement.


Superman has been all tied up dealing with white blood cell monsters, which grow from every drop of blood the boy spills.  But he makes it to the hospital in time, following the monster trail.


Wein and Giordano begin a 2-part Human Target story, which gives the origin and background of the character.


Chance is approached by a mob bookkeeper, whose life is in danger now that he has gone to the police.  He describes the man who has tried to kill him, which prompts Christopher to flash back to his father’s loan shark debt.


The man who killed his father had a scar identical to the one described by the bookkeeper.  Christopher Chance had offered to die in the place of his father, but the man just laughed and killed his dad in front of him.  Reminds me of the Batman origin.


And like the Batman origin, Christopher makes a vow over his father’s corpse, and grows up training to be the crime fighter he is now.

He takes the case, even though the bookkeeper cannot afford to pay him.

The story concludes next issue.


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