Action 426 (Aug. 73)also contains three stories, and seems to feature a generic cover, but in fact it does occur during the course of Bates, Swan and Anderson’s story.


The plane crash is one of a number of disasters taking place, as well as thefts of moon rocks.  This story sees the first appearance of Steve Lombard in this book. He had recently been introduced in Superman, the obnoxious prankster jock sportscaster.


The moon rocks are being gathered by members of a cult, whose leader blames the disasters, as well as war and poverty and crappy weather, on the contaminating presence of these alien rocks on Earth.


The leader is actually Terra-Man, also recently introduced in Superman and making his first appearance in this book.  A human raised by an alien, Terra-Man uses advanced weaponry disguised as western gear in his battles with Superman.  The moon rocks are used to charge a gun, which Superman is meant to fire a destructive blast with, but he just throws it into the Earth’s core.

Not one of the better Terra-Man appearances.  It lacks his flying horse!


Green Arrow’s story, by Maggin, Dillin and Giordano, once again keeps Dinah Lance out of costume, and in girlfriend mode.


Oliver spots an out of business delivery service making a drop-off. Intrigued, he stumbles upon a plot to steal a young heir’s fortune, which he can totally relate to.


He catches the bad guys, and helps the young man balance his books and get a grip on his finances, as well as taking some commissions for Dinah.  I do enjoy their conversation in the final scene, as Oliver babbles about his new arrow, and Dinah discovers the orders.


Wein and Giordano conclude the Human Target’s story from last issue, as he faces down and defeats the angry aerialist he has been hired to impersonate.


The actual murder attempt happens as he is walking the tightrope over Niagara Falls, and the rope goes slack.  Christopher survives, he was being held up by ropes from the helicopter.  The manager was the only one with access to the tightrope, so that solves that.

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