Another excellent cover on Action 428 (Oct. 73), for a story by Bates, Swan and Anderson.


Shortly after Superman puts out a fire in a high rise, Clark is stunned to hear that Jimmy Olsen cannot see him in the photo he took of the event.  And further, that Jimmy insists that no one has seen Superman for ten years.


Steve Lombard gets to be the butt of a joke again, as Clark steps out to try to figure out why no one seems to remember him.


People are incapable of reading the word Superman if it appears in print.  When he is dressed in costume, no one notices him, not even Lex Luthor.  His disrobes on live television, revealing his identity, but all he hears from doing this is Morgan Edge complaining about showing his undershirt.


Luthor is the one behind it, and Superman bluffs it out of him.  Disguised as a prisoner, he gets put in Lex’s cell, but reacts as if Lex were not there.  Lex becomes convinced that the machine he used on Superman worked on him as well, giving Superman enough information to reverse it.

An old trick, Lex, you shoulda known better.


Dinah Lance gets into costume as Black Canary at last, in this Green Arrow story by Maggin and Giordano, although she still doesn’t get to do much.


Green Arrow intercepts news of a murder plot against her, and spends much of the story racing to the site where she is performing some stunt bike routines.  He stops one of her jumps, preventing a bomb from going off.


She has no idea of the danger she was in, and is mad about him grandstanding during her routine.  They make up at the end.  The romance between Green Arrow and Black Canary, which ran throughout the 70s and 80s, was one of the most enjoyable hero relationships.



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