Bates, Swan and Anderson begin a much-loved two-part story in Action 430 (Dec. 73), “Bus-Ride to Nowhere.”


Superman encounters a mysterious creature while on patrol one night.  He is surprised when it disappears in 344 Clinton St, his own apartment building.


That night Clark gets contacted from the far future, and learns that the creature is a highly evolved chameleon, able to change shape, who has fled justice into the distant past – Superman’s present.


Superman runs into the creature once again, and follows it back, on a day when there are only four other people in the building.  All four are presented as suspects, although one of them, May Marigold, had already been introduced in the pages of Superman, and had an identical twin sister, effectively eliminating her.


The next day, Clark and the other four get on a public bus, which disappears, winding up on an alien world.


Clark discovers that other residents had spotted Superman entering the building, and think that he might be one of the people on the bus, a situation Clark had not considered.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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