Bates, Swan and Anderson conclude Bus Ride to Nowhere in Action 431 (Jan. 74).


The alien plant life begins attacking the residents of 344 Clinton St.  Superman figures that it is a ruse by the future chameleon to draw him out, as was the entire trip to this planet.  So Clark quite openly reveals his identity as Superman.


The black martial artist then changes into the chameleon, and they begin to fight.  But the chameleon shows no interest in attacking, and Superman remembers that he was told that the creature also had the ability to change others.

Realizing who the chameleon really is, Superman chases him, and they fight on the bus as it races through time. The chameleon falls out in the distant past.


I find the ending a bit weak, though.  Superman hypnotizes everyone into forgetting the events, and has Batman impersonate the person the chameleon pretended to be, so that no one notices him gone.


Wow, I made a mistake. I wrote about this story, in which Green Arrow gets his rent money stolen, when I was writing up Detective Comics.


This story, by Maggin, Dillin and Giordano, was reprinted in Detective 555, and I didn’t notice that it was a reprint.


So I’m not going to summarize it again.

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