Bates, Swan and Anderson bring back the Toyman, and introduce a new one, in Action 432 (Feb. 74).


The new Toyman is not given a name, nor is shown out of his mask and costume.  Clearly younger, and thinner, than the original, he begins his crime spree in a big way, signing his destruction of an airplane.


He uses exploding bubble gum to divert Superman, and make his escape.  Perhaps because of this, he makes me think of the Trickster, more than the Toyman.


But Toyman is the name he chose, and Winslow Schott is none too pleased about that.  Schott has reformed.  Indeed, the character had not been seen since 1962, except for a cameo in a World’s Finest story in 1966, in which he was shown in prison.  But Schott gets out his Toyman outfit, to teach the newcomer a thing or two.


The original confronts the replacement, and takes him down in very little time, giving him a choice.  Partnership, or death.


So the two Toymen work together to pull off a theft.  The newbie betrays the old, but he is late in the game.  Schott had been in touch with Superman before he ever found his successor, working with him to take the new Toyman out of action.

Both versions return within the next couple of years.


The Human Target has his last outing in Action Comics in this story, by Wein and Giordano.


He takes the place of a reclusive oil baron,who has a taste for living young, and with a young girl.  Though Chance is suspicious, the girlfriend is faithful, and the wanna-be killer has no connection to her.

The Human Target returns in a few years, as a back-up series in the Brave and the Bold.  The ad for that run would use the panel above, which shows Chance running through the oil field while being shot at.



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