Cary Bates and Curt Swan are joined by Vince Colletta as they bring back a villain not seen in over a decade.


Candy is left as a present for Clark Kent, but he is amazed to experience pain when he bites into a piece. Lois Lane thinks he is being weak and whiny, not realizing how impossible the toothache is.


Lois drags Clark to a new dentist’s office next door to the Planet, but is shocked to see that the receptionist is the same woman who dropped off the candy.  That earns her a memory wipe.


The dentist is really Dr. Xadu, one of the first Phantom Zone villains, who fought Clark as Superboy many years earlier.


Clark remains unaware of the dentist’s true identity, or that the filling process was actually a brainwashing, programming Superman to go on a destructive rampage.

The story concludes next issue.


Zatanna causes a lot of problems for Green Arrow in this story by Maggin, Dillin and Frank McLaughlin, as she bursts in, calls him by name and plants a big kiss on him, right in front of Dinah.


Black Canary is furious, and storms out.  Green Arrow is left with Zatanna, who doesn’t seem to notice anything amiss.  But the more time they spend together, the more Oliver realizes that Zatanna believes that she is Black Canary.  When they run into hoods, she uses martial arts, until the situation gets dire, and she instinctively spouts dome backwards magic.  This breaks the “spell”


Zatanna explains that she had used her magic to give herself Canary’s fighting skills earlier in the day, and it must have also given her Dinah’s personality.  All is cleared up between the two, although Zatanna plants another kiss before she leaves.

Oliver is left having to try to explain this.


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