Bates, Swan and Oskner craft a fun tale in Action 446 (April 1975).


A hostile foreign power is convinced that Clark Kent has a method of contacting Superman.  To find it, they leave him, along with Lois Lane, in a falling helicopter.  Clark saves them, but the incident piques Lois’ curiosity as well.  Just how does Clark summon Superman?


Lois borrows some heavy duty binoculars from Lola Barret to spy on Clark, unaware that the foreign power has bugged her office, to learn what she learns.


Superman is on to the whole thing, of course, and rigs the binoculars to back up his secret identity.


And in an entertaining twist, Lois believes that she actually figures it out, that is has to do with Clark’s hair curl, completely misunderstanding that this is part of his “disguise.”

The ending also sets up a plot line about their being a foreign agent working for Galaxy Communications, but I do not believe this gets followed up on.  If it does, I’ve completely forgotten, and it will be a pleasant surprise.


Black Canary finally gets into the action in this final part of the Maggin and Grell Green Arrow story.  She uses her canary cry to take down Cherry and her gang, and then gets down and dirty into the fighting.


Green Arrow helps, and brings the police, but it’s Canary who fights Cherry, sending both into the water.  That doesn’t stop Canary from fighting though.

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