act_450 Clark Kent and Lois Lane take a vacation to Las Vegas together in the Bates, Swan and Blaisdel story from Action 450 (Aug. 75). act_450_001 Johnny Nevada is also there, performing at one of the hotels. He gets mugged in the afternoon, and suffers an unusual head injury – one that brings to life the sand in the desert, forming it into a monstrous version of the talk show host. act_450_002 People run in terror from the sand monster, although Superman notices the creature is not actively destructive or harmful, and in fact seems rather clumsy. act_450_003 Superman eventually figures out that the creature has the same motivation as Johnny Nevada – to make people laugh.  It’s not clumsy, it’s doing slapstick routines.  Superman leads the crowd in laughing at the sand man, which pleases it, and it dissipates. act_450_004 Green Arrow and Black Canary begin a multi-part story by Maggin and Grell in this issue.  The tale deals with a number of mysterious murders, and the opening of a chocolate factory. act_450_005 The factory’s owner has a son, Davy, who I just noticed bears more than a passing resemblance to the Michaelangelo statue. act_450_006 Davy does prove to be quite a piece of work, as Arrow and Canary discover that he is the slingshot wielding killer.

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