Action 453 (Nov.75) has a more accurate cover than one would expect for the story by Bates, Swan and Blaisdel.


The story is, again, pretty straightforward. Clark Kent is shocked to discover that he has another man’s face.


The man stole Clark’s face as part of his plan to murder Superman, taking the face of a man he knows to be Superman’s friend.  Superman winds up having to wear a rubber mask of his own face.


The best sequence is a bit of a throwaway scene.  The man, now in Clark’s apartment, answers the phone.  It’s Batman on the other side, though he only refers to himself as Bruce Wayne. He explains that he cannot impersonate Clark the next day.  It puzzles the man, but does not lead him into making any conclusions.


Superman attacks the impersonator as he is onstage, accepting an award as Clark.  But then he doffs the mask, and changes to normal clothes, and makes the man think that Clark Kent is so tough he can beat the man up himself.  Once the man is sufficiently terrorized, he gives Clark his face back.


Marty Pasko and Jose Delbo begin a two-part Atom story that will conclude the characters run in Action.


The story deals with a machine called the Actualizer.  This device is claimed to make ones wishes come true, although Ray Palmer does not believe this is possible.  He changes his mind when a random thought makes his car go out of control.



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