Bates, Swan and Blaisdel continue the Karb-Brak storyline in Action 461 (July 1976).


Karb-Brak is on the verge of attacking Steve Lombard comes flying in to intercept the alien.  This does prove that Steve is not Superman, and Brak takes advantage of an explosive touch he has to escape.


Back home, Karb-Brak concludes that Superman must be his other suspect, Clark kent.  He then uses a machine to alter the minds of  Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Steve Lombard and Morgan Edge, to make them idolize Clark.  From them, he moves on to affect the larger population.


The result is kind of humourously absurd.  Brak beats up on Clark in front of a crowd who continue to root for him.  Clark holds back, both to maintain his identity and for the safety of the onlookers.


Superman does get the best of the ailing alien.  Supreman destroys the machine affecting people’s minds, but the issue ends with a great speech by Karb-Brak.  We knew he was ill, but Superman didn’t.  Now he learns that just by being around, he is killing Karb-Brak.


Perry White gets a solo back-up, a “private life” tale, told to his grandchildren after a family dinner, in this story by Bob Rozakis, Curt Swan and Tex Blaisdel.

Perry tells a story about him a teenager, a streetcorner newsboy.  He comes across information about criminal activity, and a writer working on the idea of an atomic bomb.  He captures the bad guys, and tells the story to the editor of the paper, but the idea of an atomic bomb is dismissed as too unreal.  It’s not a bad story at all.

Alie White has a cameo on the first page.

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