A great Adams cover on Action 468 (Feb. 77), as Bates, Swan and Blaisdel begin a three-part Terra-Man story.


Terra-Man is not shy announcing his return, he breaks into a live news broadcast to promote his own television show, beginning the following night, on WGBS.  Morgan Edge is furious, and wants to know how this happened.  Considering Terra-Man’s access to advanced alien tech, it’s not hard to guess.


Sure enough, the following night, everybody feels compelled to watch WGBS, as Terra-Man’s broadcast begins. Superman is not forced to watch, as he is the other star of the show.


Superman gets the best of Terra-Man in this encounter, but the villain hardly seems concerned at all about losing.  In fact, he announces another episode of his show.  Same Terra-time, same Terra-channel.  Got to love that.


Morgan Edge gets a “private life” story in this issue, by Pasko, Swan and McLaughlin.

We discover that his mother works as a cleaning lady – his cleaning lady, in fact, although he apparently hasn’t noticed this.  He is embarrassed about his humble beginnings, but she makes him feel guilty about that.


At a memorial dinner being given for him, Edge reveals how he earned the stake he used to create Galaxy Communications, through a poker game, and reveals not only his real name, Morris Edelstein, but also his mother.

It’s hard to imagine, after reading this story, that Edge was introduced only a few years earlier as a villain.  There is nothing left of that character.


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