The Vartox/Karb-Brak story by Bates, Schaffenberger and Chiaramonte concludes in Action 476 (Oct. 77).


Karb-Brak has one more explosive blow-out in his fight with Clark Kent.  Clark uses heat vision to short out the lighting in the studio, and takes Brak with him out of the building.  Once the fight is done, Karb-Brak is sane and healthy again, his allergy drained off completely by Vartox.  It’s the first moment Superman realizes the other man is even on Earth.


Vartox has had his powers restored as well by Brak’s outburst of energy, but it has messed with his mind.  He recounts his own actions as if they were taken by Superman, and even sort of confesses how little he cared about Brak’s life and safety, although again he ascribes all this to Superman.  Vartox leads Brak in attacking the hero.


Superman manages to hold off the two, and contacts Lois Lane, who dresses up as Vartox’s dead wife.  The sight of her snaps his mind back, and he calms down.  But everyone apologizes to each other, and all is well.  Vartox takes Karb-Brak back to his homeworld in Andromeda, and heads back to his own planet.

This is the last we see of Karb-Brak,but Vartox returns in a couple of years.


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