A very dynamic cover for Action 487 (Sept. 78), as the DC Explosion begins.


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte begin a 2-prt story that introduces a new, old, villain, Microwave Man.  We first meet Superman’s adversary as a kindly old man, researching years of Metropolis history.


Later, he attends a NASA symposium on UFOs and alien life, where he talks about being abducted many years earlier, and only recently returning to Earth.  Lana and Jimmy, who had attended the symposium, are laughing about him as they relate the story to Morgan Edge, but Perry White spits out his cigar when he hears that the old man used to be a thief in the 1940s, called Microwave Man.  Perry recalls the thief well.


The old man tests out his powers, and finds them far stronger than he expected them to be.  His attempts to make the Daily Planet globe glow winds up massively overheating it, and turning it into a danger. He has a brief encounter with Superman, but flees.


As the story ends, he contacts his alien friends, who rejuvenate him.

The story concludes in the next issue.


The Atom returns in his own series in Action Comics, now recently married to Jean Loring.


Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk and Chiaramonte are the creative team as Ray and Jean find themselves menaced by the Bat-Knights, tiny warriors who had appeared last in the Atom’s own book in the 60s.  In those days, they were allies of the diminutive hero, but in this story, they are on the attack.


The Atom discovers that this is a younger generation than the ones he had dealt with, who want to shrink humans to their size, and then rule them. They are after the secret of Atom’s size changing belt.  But they make the mistake of claiming that they have Jean captive.  But they are in the cave where the Atom first used his powers, which he made an escape from, which Jean is perfectly aware of.  Knowing they are lying, he has no reason to hold back and beats the Bat-Knights.

This is the final appearance of the tiny warriors.


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