Luthor switches sides in Action 510 (Aug. 80), in this story by Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte.


The story opens with an elaborate trap Luthor sets.  But when he gets Superman dead in his sights, he does not fire, distracted by the woman he is carrying to safety.


So he does the reasonable thing and has Angela Blake investigated by his robots, Karel and Capek.  He scans her, to make sure she is human, and then kidnaps her and brings her to a hospital.  Dating is not something Luthor excels at.


Luthor orchestrates a round up of the major gang bosses in Metropolis.  Superman is very suspicious of his motives, even moreso when he finds that “Luthor” is really one of his robots.  But the robot insists, on his master’s behalf, that Luthor has reformed out of love.


We learn that Angela Blake had a terminal illness, which had cost her her hair.  Luthor has cured her, and professes his love for her.

The story continues in the next issue.

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