Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the story of Luthor’s reformation (Hah!  I’m so witty) in Action 512 (Oct. 80).


It’s the big wedding day for Lex Luthor and Angela Blake.  Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lana Lang are among the guests gathered.


Superman shows up, to give the bride a kiss, but both disappear in a bright blast of light.  Luthor is promptly gassed and taken away by his robots.


The robots hook Lex up to one of his brain machines, and remind him of his latest scheme.  Angela Blake was all part of a plot to kill Superman.  Lex chose the woman, cloned and killed her.  He had the clone infected with a disease that he also created the cure for.  The woman was chosen to be perfectly appealling to Lex.


The woman had been built with a teleportation device inside her, which would go off when Superman kissed her.  He escapes from the trap, and makes it back to Luthor’s lab.  He destroys the machines, but Luthor makes no effort to stop him.


Superman knew something was wrong, because Lex was already married, to Ardora.  I had assumed that, as Ardora had not appeared in years, she was just being edited out of continuity.  Superman “saw” that Lex had had brain cells removed, to forget about Ardora, which got him suspicious of the whole wedding.

This does point out the big flaw in the plan, that it required Superman to forget about Ardora as well.  With his super-memory? Not likely.


Still, Lex is left distraught at the end.  He really did love her.


Bob Rozakis, Romeo Tanghal and Vince Colletta give Air Wave his first super-powered foe in this story.


Sunspotter has the power to disrupt electrical devices, which both causes trouble for Air Wave, but also alerts him when the villain is operating.


Hal also joins the football team, and has to find a way off of the field when Sunspotter acts in the middle of a game.  He succeeds, and not only defeats the villain but wins the game.  Still, the fact that he had to take off so fast means that Sunspotter is still on the loose.


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