Marv Wolfman brings Superman Island back, the place where he tried to make a power source out of kryptonite.  Curt Swan and Frank Chiaramonte provide the art on the story, in Action 513 (Nov. 80).


Wolfman brings the H.I.V.E. along with him, as the powerful and secretive criminal organization make their first appearance in this book, learning the secret of the island, and out to steal the kryptonite from it.


But friendly aliens are also on the track of the island, wanting to neutralize kryptonite.  The island is floating around in space, where Superman tossed it at the end of the story it was built in.

The aliens help Superman hold off the H.I.V.E., but nothing further is learned of the group in this story.


Air Wave has his first team-up, with the Atom, in this story by Rozakis, Tanghal and Kim deMulder.


Green Arrow was meant to be a guest speaker at the high school Hal Jordan and Karen Peterson attend, but Arrow is not able to make it, and the Atom shows up in his place.  This is fortunate, as the podium was rigged to explode, but the Atom is small enough to ride the blast.


The villain is one of Green Arrow’s very old foes, the Red Dart, not seen since his debut, back in World’s Finest in 1958.  He had planted the bomb to kill Green Arrow, as he robbed the art gallery.


Air Wave shorts out mysteriously as he tries to pursue the villain, but the Atom makes short work of him.  In fact, this is the last appearance of this version of the Red Dart.


As the Atom tries to travel up to the JLA satellite, he shorts out as well.

The story continues in the next issue.




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