The Superman story in Action 518 (April 1981), like many from this period, is not one that I would normally include.  But I want to write about the back-up story, so Conway, Swan and Hunt get an entry for their cover story as well.


And there is some really nice art in the story.  Happy to include this page.


The tale itself involves two alien brothers who have come to Earth.  One brother warns Superman about the other, but also sets up a fight between them.


The fight is pretty brief, before Superman realizes that both of them have been set up by other brother, who wants to take control of their planet.


And onto the Aquaman story, by deMatteis and Heck.


Aquaman, Mera, Vulko and Cal Durham discuss recent events.  Attacks by the Scavenger and Black Manta have turned out to be fake, just attacks by robots looking like them.  Ocean Master was who he claimed to be, though, so Aquaman goes in search of him.


They find Orm, along with the god Poseidon, who claims to be Aquaman’s father.

The story continues in the next issue.


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