The romance between Superman and Lois Lane takes centre stage in the Conway, Swan and Chiaramonte tale in Action 520 (June 1981).


Superman and Lois have dinner plans, but an emergency takes him away.  Millionaire Eric Burton sweeps in to take Lois out for a night on the town in his limousine.


Superman catches up to them at dinner at a posh restaurant, and Lois gives him the cold shoulder, going off to dance with Eric.


Every time Superman makes it back, another emergency is revealed, and calls him away.  And though the emergencies are genuine, Burton has rigged the various media around them to turn on and announce them, to keep Superman at bay, while he steals her woman.


A pointless try.  Lois might get piqued, but Superman is her guy.


Aquaman’s battle against Atlanna concludes in this issue, by deMatteis, Rozakis and Heck.


It’s a real shame that it’s Don Heck doing the art on the big battle.  The line-up of robots is impressive, even of some of the Aquaman foes shown are pretty obscure.


“Poseidon” just sort of vanishes half way through the battle, as does Cal Durham, who never appears again.  In Brightest Day, a new version of Aqualad would be introduced, with a name derived from Cal’s, but I think we can say the original died in the fight.

Atlanna’s sister shows, and makes they make peace with each other.  Atlanna advises Aquaman and Ocean Master to do the same.  Which isn’t really awful, and at least does not contradict continuity as much as the rest of this tale.



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