The Vixen has her long-delayed debut in Action 521 (July 1981).  The character had been advertised in 1978, meant to debut in her own book, which got prematurely cancelled in the DC Implosion.


Conway, Swan and Chiaramonte make the new hero a mystery, as she interferes with a fur shipment.  She demonstrates strength far beyond what her form would indicate.


Superman catches up to her, just as she sends the furs into the water.  Superman is also surprised by her strength, and really stunned when she manages to draw blood with her scratches, indicating a supernatural origin.


Later, we meet high fashion model Mari McCabe, and her assitant Solomon Styles, who talks Perry White into sending Clark Kent and Lana Lang to Africa on an assignment about animal poaching.  The man the furs had been taken from is linked to poaching, and a supplier to the fashion industry.


It’s not hard to tie the threads together.  Superman and Vixen join forces to stop the poachers, and she answers some of his questions.  Her powers derive from a mystical tantu totem, but not everything about her past is revealed.

It’s three years before the Vixen returns, once again fighting alongside Superman, in the pages of DC Comics Presents.


Aquaman and Atom have a light but fun team-up story, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Colletta.  Aquaman calls in the Atom when he comes across a fish that shows a tendency to grow and shrink with remarkable speed.


Atom investigates, and almost gets devoured by the creature.


But it’s not really a villain, just a barely sentient creature reacting by puffing up in terror whenever Aquaman uses his telepathy near it.


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