The Yellow Peri, a magic user that had caused problems for Superboy a couple of years earlier in his book, returns to cause trouble for Superman in the Rozakis, Schaffenberger and Hunt story in Action 559 (Sept. 84).


Loretta is now married to Alvin Grant, a real creep who married her to win a bet with his friends.  her magic book just comes out of the sky, crashing through their ceiling one day.  With the book in her hands, she can make pretty much anything happen.  Alvin thinks of all the money he can make off of her.


She believes that they are going around being helpful, stopping disasters and cleaning up polluted areas, but Alvin is exploiting everything to make money.  It’s not illegal, but it goes against the normal code of heroes.  Superman is watchful.


Trying to get him out of the way, Alvin makes it look like Superman is trying to kill him, in hopes that Loretta will kill Superman.  But that doesn’t work.

It’s like a bizarre version of Bewitched, but not a funny one, though I think it’s trying to be.

Not having broken any laws, nothing happens to Alvin, and the couple return a few months down the road.

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