The pre-Crisis Toyman gets his last major appearance against Superman in Action 561 (Nov. 84), thanks to Kupperberg, Schaffenberger and Jensen.


The Toyman gets released from prison, and insists that he has gone straight.  Superman has his doubts, Schott went straight once before, and that didn’t last.  The Toyman has spent millions getting air time for a game show, in which contestants answer questions about the Toyman’s career.


Superman watches the show, and is amazed at how much the contestants know about the Toyman.


When none of the finalists can answer the final question, about the first toy Winslow Schott built, but a man in the audience can, Superman gets very suspicious, particularly when the man is carried away by toys.


It turns out the entire contest was a set-up for Schott to find this guy, a childhood rival, who stole his first toy.  Schott actually expects to get it back, but of course the guy threw it away years ago.

We also learn that the other contestants were just toys that Schott had built.

Toyman makes one further pre-Crisis appearance, in the pages of Blue Devil.



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