After a three month break, during which the reboot of Superman was introduced in the Man of Steel miniseries, Action Comics returns as a Superman team-up book, launching with John Byrne and Dick Giordano pitting Superman against some of the New Teen Titans.


Superman appears to be on a crazy rampage when Cyborg gets involved.  He calls in the other Titans, but only Wonder Girl, Changeling and Jericho are part of this story.


Jericho inhabits Superman’s body and takes control, but we discover he is not the only one who has taken it over that day.  A brilliant, but crippled, scientist lured Superman into a trap, pretending it was an experiment.  They get him to switch things back.


A pretty simple story, almost disappointingly so.  Lex Luthor appears on the last page, setting up the story in the next issue of Superman.  For the first few years, the Superman books would often run with tight continuity between them.

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