Byrne and Giordano explore the supernatural weaknesses of Superman in Action 587 (April 1987), as he faces off against Etrigan, the Demon.


The story begins as Jason Bard goes to an antiques shop with Glenda Mark, Herry Matthews and Randu Singh.  Glenda finds an interesting box, but opening it causes no end of problems, as it emits spikes that transform humans into parts of a giant structure.


Superman thinks the growing building is the threat, and tries to break it up.  The Demon attacks him, and Superman is weakened and wounded by the magical enemy.  But the Demon has simply been trying to get Superman to stop injuring the innocents who make it up.


To get to the root of the problem, the Demon sends Superman back in time, to the era of Camelot.  Superman meets Jason Blood in that era as well, but does not realize he is the same man.


Morgan le Fay is the one behind the cursed box, and she uses her magic to form a stone chamber around Superman and Etrigan.  But the stone itself is not magical, and Superman has no problems bursting through it, and ending Morgan’s spell.


I particularly like the way the story ends, repeating the first page, but with nothing being inside the box.  And Superman flies by, having no contact with them at all.

Matt Wagner’s Demon miniseries follows this issue.


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