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Action 345 – Superman on Candid Camera


I have vague memories of Alan Funt as the host of Candid Camera, although looking at the Wikipedia entry, that was from a different run of this series, which Funt created in the 1940s, and mastered until the 1990s.


The story is largely a build up to the cover scene, which is the climax.  Dorfman and Plastino put Funt centre stage, though.  The story opens as Superman helps Funt make a fool of Perry White.


More Candid Camera set ups follow, until we reach the big one, as Clark is lured into a phone booth, and begins changing into Superman on camera.


He gets out of it by having a Superman top, and Batman bottoms.  As well as a miniature television, the likes of which I doubt existed in 1967.  So Clark pretends he pulled a Candid Camera prank on Funt.


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