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Action 483 – Amazo keeps people awake


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Amazo saga in Action 483 (May 1978).


Both the Leaguers trapped on the satellite, and an exhausted Lana Lang broadcasting, are used to get the audience up to speed.  Superman has regained his powers and returned to Earth, so has Amazo, determined to kill his creator, Professor Ivo.  Amazo has made it so that no one can fall asleep, leaving everyone burned out and draggy.


Sadly, I find this the weakest of the four issues.  Superman frees the rest of the Justice League, and there is a massive battle with Amazo, in which everyone gets to take part.  They do manage to defeat him, but frankly, the Justice League usually has more difficulty with the android, and teaming up rarely works against him.


It’s also kind of odd that Ivo is consistently treated as a hapless victim throughout the story, and the ending really plays him this way, instead of as the dangerous mad scientist that he is.

All in all, this really could have, and should have, ended with the previous issue.

Action 482 – Amazo vs the Supermobile


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte continue the Amazo story, pitting the android against the Supermobile in Action 482 (April 1978).


Superman continues to fight Amazo in the Supermobile, due to his loss of powers.  The story is recapped as a WGBS special, with Steve Lombard, Lana Lang, and even weatherman Oscar Asherman weighing in.


Amazo has vowed to kill Superman’s friends, and of course the first one he goes after is Lois Lane.  Superman was expecting that (who wasn’t?) and uses the Supermobile to rescue Lois.

It might have been fun to have Amazo go after others, and have Superman rescue them as well, until the Supermobile got so full he couldn’t move.  Good thing I don’t write these.


Superman and Amazo’s battle leads into space, and through a small time warp, taking them a few days ahead, to where the red sun rays are nolonger an issue, and Superman’s powers return.  Ivo reveals that he has been in Superman’s cape the entire time, shrunk down by the ray to enter Kandor.

Superman leaves Amazo stuck in the planetoid, and flies Lois and Ivo back to Earth.

The story concludes in the next issue.

Action 481 – the Supermobile!


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte introduce the Supermobile in Action 481 (March 1978).


Superman uses a teleportation ray to get him and Professor Ivo away from Amazo, and to the Fortress of Solitude.  Superman mentions Kandor to Ivo, and he disappears from the story for a while.  Superman unleashes a creature from his Interplanetary Zoo to fight Amazo,and provide some interesting visuals.


Superman takes advantage of the diversion to get to the Supermobile, a weaponized vehicle designed to duplicate his powers.

Oh, also, Ivo and Superman have figured out that a wave a red sun energy passed the satellite, stealing Superman’s powers, but waking Amazo.  Neither of them were aware of it when it happened.


The Justice League, watching this from their satellite, also recap this information, and Batman explains that the vehicle is made of Supermanium, a substance almost as strong as the hero.


The fight in the Supermobile is fun.  Yes, this is clearly a toy tie-in, but it works well in the story.


The Supermobile proves enough of a problem for Amazo that he threatens to kill Superman’s friend, who all just happen to be neatly lined up, watching the fight.

Action 480 – Amazo attacks


Bates, Swan and Chairamonte begin a four-part story that pits Superman against Amazo, the one-man Justice League in Action 480 (Feb. 78).


The story gets bang into the action, with little build-up.  Superman is relaxing on the Justice League satellite, when Amazo suddenly bursts out of his cell and through the floor, getting into a fight with Superman that blasts them out of the satellite and into space.


The Justice League alert goes off, and the whole team show up.  This is not such a good thing, as Aquaman, Atom, Batman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Red Tornado all wind up trapped in the satellite by Amazo, giving him free reign against Superman.

A mysterious “Professor Ives” is also brought in to the story.


With Amazo on the loose, and his own powers waning, Superman needs a way to get Clark out of the way, and leave him free.  Morgan Edge is holding a draw to see who goes on a particular assignment out of town, and Clark hypnotizes everyone to think he was chosen.  As well as Lois, Jimmy and Steve Lombard, Lana Lang is part of the draw, having recently been hired to WGBS in the pages of Superman.


Professor Ives turns out to be Professor Ivo, who Amazo hates for having created him.  Superman desperately fights to save Ivo as his powers fade before Amazo.

Throughout this storyline there is nothing of Ivo’s usual two qualities, his quest for immortality, and disfigurements caused by the quest.

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