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Action 508 – The Secret World of Jonathan Kent


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte do not disappoint with the concluding half of the Jonathan Kent story in Action 508 (June 1980).


Starshine has “asked” for everyone over 30 to leave Metropolis, and people felt compelled to obey – except for Jonathan Kent.  April and May Marigold, who live in the same apartment building as Clark Kent, make a rare cameo, amazed that someone as old as Kent is still in the city.


At this point, we learn what is going on.  This visit by Jonathan Kent is a gift given to him by two powerful alien beings who he had aided in the pages of New Adventures of Superboy, a story that came out last month, the same as the first half of this story.


Superman tries to stop Starshine, but has no luck.  But his father has learned of his connection to Starshine, a result of the alien gift.  He does not explain it, but does reveal Superman’s identity to Lois Lane.  Superman is stunned, but Kent is remarkably unconcerned.


The following day, Clark returns to the studio, but as Lana begins her broadcast, he notices she is saying the same thing as the day before.  His father left him a note, which thanks him for the visit, but the note disappears in his hands.  The entire visit will be remembered by no except Jonathan Kent’s spirit.


It makes for a really touching ending.  Starshine appears, powerless and poor, begging outside the studio, but Clark doesn’t notice.  He just knows he wants to spend some time at his father’s grave.

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