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Detective 699 – Lock-Up opens the cells


Dixon, Nolan and Hanna conclude the introduction of Lock-Up in Detective 699 (Late July 1996).


Lock-Up brings Tim Drake back to his prison.  Tim is still in contact with Nightwing, and informs him that he believes they are on, or near, water.  But then Lock-Up tosses him into the delousing tank, and his mike shorts out.


With hoods about to shoot him, Matches Malone (Batman in his underworld identity) fights back in close quarters, causing a car accident, spectacularly illustrated by Nolan and Hanna.  Batman manages to crawl out and get away.


Lock-Up takes Tim’s fingerprints, to determine who he is.  Some quick thinking, and hacking, by Oracle provides him with a fake identity and rap sheet, so Lock-Up has no idea who his new prisoner really is.


Nightwing keeps searching, eventually finding the prison.  He is interested in freeing Tim and getting away, to return with Batman later.  But Lock-Up opens the cells, and starts flooding the prison.  Nightwing has to deal with Two-Face and Killer Moth, both as interested in vengeance as escape.  Two-Face has already figured out that Tim must be Robin, simply because of Nightwing’s interest in him.


Batman shows up just in time, and the flooded villains, Lock-Up included, are taken away.

Lock-Up would return, and for a while actually become a sort of ally.


One other significant thing does happen in the issue.  Armand Krol, hanging on to the bitter end of his term, collapses and dies.  He had survived the Clench, but it seems to have returned.

This is a set-up for next issue, and the Legacy storyline.

Detective 694 – Poison Ivy out for vengeance


Dixon, Johnson and Hodgkins conclude their Poison Ivy two-parter in Detective 694 (Feb. 96).


Harold proves his worth yet again, as the Batmobile survives the plunge into the harbour with its impressive airbags.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would be impressed.


Sarah Essen discovers that, as a parting gift from Mayor Krol, she has been ousted as Commissioner, and replaced with an incompetent.  The man barely has time to get behind his desk before Kitch and Bullock are bringing him crises.


Essen heads straight for mayor-to-be Marion Grange, and makes a deal with her, that will see Jim Gordon returned to the Commisoner’s job.


Poison Ivy, Mr. Veezey, Batman and Robin all head for the largest park not yet attacked, the obvious next target.  Poison Ivy uses her pheremones on the man, putting him under her spell quickly. He’s lucky Batman shows up so fast, Ivy was ready to kill.


While Batman fends off Ivy’s advances, the man himself is grabbed my a mysterious costumed figure.  This person had appeared the previous month in Robin, also carting away a villain.  Who is he? Wait and find out.  Or look at my tags on this story.

Ivy gets captured, but is released (though not in this book) and used as an agent by Batman in Contagion, which starts the following month.


Detective 663 – Batman comes face to face with Bane


Things continue to fall apart in Detective 663 (Early July 1993), the 10th chapter of Knightfall, by Dixon, Nolan and Hanna.


Batman saves Mayor Krol from drowning in the sewer, leaving the mayor much more impressed with Batman than he had been.


The Ventriloquist finally gets Scarface back, but is reluctant to give up his other new puppets, leading to conflict between them.


With many of the villains now captured, Batman has to face Bane’s men, and spends much of this issue fighting, and defeating, Trogg, Zombie and Bird.


Batman returns home, finding Alfred unconsious, and Bane ready for their big fight.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.


Detective 661 – Gotham in flames


In Detective 661 (Early June 1993), Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna provide chapter 6 of Knightfall.


Things have fallen into chaos in Gotham.  The Joker and the Scarecrow, working together, have kidnapped Mayor Krol, and are tormenting him for their own amusement.


Garfield Lynns, the Firefly, who had been a minor villain for thirty years, gets his best outing to date in this story, as he sets fire to large swaths of Gotham, with Bane’s blessing. His new costume really helps make his character more menacing.


The Ventriloquist has been adapting to a variety of puppets, as he continues to search for Scarface.


And the Riddler sends off clues to his latest caper – but amidst all the madness, no one in the force bothers to read his letter.


The Cavalier makes, I believe, his final appearance to date in this issue.  And even then he is dismissed by Batman as barely a menace.  He had last appeared in an issue of Justice League America a couple of years earlier, losing his sword in a poker game.


The issue closes on the Firefly, as Batman prepares to confront him.

Although this issue jumps around all over the place, it’s really not the weakness that it might be.  It helps convey the multitude of threats the city is facing at once, and each of the individual scenes is well done.

The story continues in Batman.

Detective 647 – Cluemaster returns


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna bring the Cluemaster back in Detective 647 (Aug. 92).  For the past few years, the Cluemaster had been a member of the Injustice League, appearing in various Justice League books, and more or less reduced to a joke.


In this story, he presents himself to one of Gotham’s gangs, showing himself to be far more capable than he had seemed in recent years.  He insists that he has been cured of his compulsion to send clues to the police before his crimes.


There is another mayoral election brewing, with Armand Krol as the front runner.  And a mysterious young girl, Stephanie, is also introduced.


Commissioner Gordon starts receiving puzzle pieces, and calls in Batman and Robin.  They eliminate the Joker and Riddler as suspects, leaving Cluemaster the most likely culprit.


Batman tracks him down, and for the first time in his long career, we learn that his real name is Arthur Brown.  Brown insists he is on the side of the angels, and has no connection with the clues being sent.  The partial truth is enough to make Batman let him go.


The gang, however, are none to thrilled about the clues the police are receiving, and the boss accuses Cluemaster of sending them, and orders him killer.  Cluemaster quickly turns the tables, killing the boss and taking over the gang.

The story continues in the next issue.



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