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Detective 665 – Jean-Paul becomes Batman


Jean-Paul Valley dons the Batman costume in Detective 665 (Aug. 93), as Dixon, Nolan and Dick Giordano bring Knightfall closer to it’s conclusion, with chapter 16.


While Jean-Paul does not find it difficult to intimidate or beat up criminals, Robin finds him extremely difficult to work with.


We catch up with Tim’s father, Jack Drake, and his doctor, Shondra Kinsolving.  Jack has moved into the mansion next door to Wayne Manor.  Both Bruce and Tim realize that, as Bane knows Bruce’s identity, he must also know Tim’s, making Jack Drake a target.


Sadly, this does not occur to either of them before the night that Bane sends men to kidnap Drake and Dr. Kinsolving, although Bruce wheels over in his chair, attempting to stop them.


And Tim is far too busy watching Batman’s back, as Jean-Paul tries to determine Bane’s location by beating it out of anyone he can find.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.

Detective 664 – Broken Bat


Things are looking really grim in Detective 664 (Late July 1993), the 12th chapter of Knightfall, by Dixon, Nolan and Hanna.


Having broken Batman’s back, Bane tosses the hero down into the street.


Alfred and Jean-Paul show up, as ambulance drivers, taking Batman away before anyone else can.  Fortunately for them, Renee Montoya had been keeping back the curious crowds.  Alfred refuses to allow Jean-Paul and Tim to take Bruce to a hospital, and does all he can for him.  Robin and Azrael make an emergency run to get a drug, decadron, that is needed for his spine.


Meanwhile, the Joker turns on the Scarecrow, ending their alliance and taking the Scarecrow down.


While the Ventriloquist finds that Scareface simply cannot share him with the other puppets.  The argument turns into a gunfight.  Brilliant and crazy, and it adds a lighthearted note to an otherwise heavy issue.


At this point, Knightfall kinds of spreads out, with the next chapter taking place in Showcase 93.

Detective 663 – Batman comes face to face with Bane


Things continue to fall apart in Detective 663 (Early July 1993), the 10th chapter of Knightfall, by Dixon, Nolan and Hanna.


Batman saves Mayor Krol from drowning in the sewer, leaving the mayor much more impressed with Batman than he had been.


The Ventriloquist finally gets Scarface back, but is reluctant to give up his other new puppets, leading to conflict between them.


With many of the villains now captured, Batman has to face Bane’s men, and spends much of this issue fighting, and defeating, Trogg, Zombie and Bird.


Batman returns home, finding Alfred unconsious, and Bane ready for their big fight.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.


Detective 660 – Robin gets captured


Knightfall has its third chapter in Detective 660 (Late May 1993), in a story by Chuck Dixon, Jim Balent and Scott Hanna.


Bird returns to Bane with news of Batman, and the many villains still terrorizing the city.  Robin has been following, at Batman’s orders.


Throughout the Knightfall series, we occasionally see scenes with Dr. Simpson Flanders, a feel good psychiatrist, appearing on various tv shows to promote his book, and explain that the inmates rampaging through the city are really the victims of society.  While his name clearly derives from the tv show, the character, and the tv spots, are inspired by Dr. Benjamin Wolper from Frank Miller’s Batman – The Dark Knight Returns.


Against Batman’s orders, Robin decides to follow Bane after his meeting breaks up.  He doesn’t realize that Bane knows he is there, and gets taken by surprise.


Bane binds Robin, and challenges him to a fight on a precarious beam in the sewer system. It would have been bye bye Robin, had not Croc intervened.  Croc is much more interested in taking down Bane than in Robin, but the resulting fight sends all three of them plunging into the sewer system, and carried away.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.

Detective 659 – Batman vs Amygdala


Chuck Dixon and Norm Breyfogle helm Detective 659 (Early May 1993), the second part of Knightfall.  Much of this years run would be devoted to this storyline, which sees Bane push Batman to his breaking point.


The issue begins as felons flee from Arkham Asylum, after Bane breaks it open.  Maxie Zeus makes it no further than the nearest tree, but in the background one can see the Ventriloquist making a sock puppet, to replace his missing Scarface.


The other villains are simply cannon fodder for Bane, and Lieutenant Kitch discovers the corpse of Film Freak, murdered by Bane.


Amygdala, recently introduced in Shadow of the Bat, partners up the the Ventriloquist.  His sock puppet is not an adequate subtsitutue for Scarface, and he decides to find his lost friend.


Robin keeps spotting a circling falcon, and takes off from Batman to follow it, correctly assuming it to be connected to Bane.


Batman has been tracking the Ventriloquist, and manages to defeat Amygdala, but Arnold Wesker gets away during the battle.


While Batman deals with Amygdala, Robin faces Bird.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.

Detective 656 – Batman vs the General


Chuck Dixon and Scott Hanna are joined by Tom Mandrake on pencils for the concluding chapter of the General story, in Detective 656 (Feb. 93).


With their stolen military gear, the General leads his gang on an assault on Gotham’s police headquarters.


The gang are tough enough to burn the Batmobile, but once Batman wades into the fray, many cut and run, and the others are easily outmatched.  The story neatly details how effective Batman’s persona is, a weapon unto itself.


Even the General, when confronted one on one with Batman, reverts to the child he is.


The story has an unexpected coda.  Bird has been watching the assault on the police, and reports back to Bane about Batman’s actions and state of being.  Part of the set-up for Knightfall.  Bane, Bird and his crew were all recently introduced in the Batman – Vengeance of Bane special, but this marks their first appearances in Detective.

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