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Action 365 – along the flight to cremation


Action 365 (July 1968) contains the penultimate chapter of Dorfman, Andru and Esposito’s Virus X saga.


Sadly, there is little that actually happens in this issue.  It begins by recapping the story so far, and then turns into a reviewof Superman’s life, as it all passes through his mind as he travels through space.  We get Jor-El and Lara sending him off from Krypton, and teh Kents finding and raising him.  Lana Lang is introduced, and the origin of LexLuthor retold.

As Superman’s body passes Lexor, the people rise in revolt against Lex for killing Superman.  Ardora tries to get the mob to calm down, but I expect she had some rough days ahead of her.  In fact, we do not see Ardora again until the 80s, although Lexor appears in World’s Finest tale in the mid-70s.


Superman recalls his time with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and later Batman and Robin, and the Justice League.  Lori Lemaris, and then his time at the Daily Planet, with Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane.


Brainiac, Kandor and Supergirl get a page devoted to their tale.


He passes Bizarro World, and they shower him with all the forms of kryptonite.  Just before he plunges into the heart of a star, Supergirl flies out Lois, Lana and Lori, to watch and mourn.


Action 336 – a Phantom Zone ex-con, and Supergirl with melty face


There is a really great story in Action 336 (April 1966), but it’s not the one on the cover.


Superman is the titular star of this story by Hamilton, Swan, and Klein, but the real star is Ak-Var.


As a youth, back on Krypton, Ak-Var had stolen the sun-stone as a prank.  But he was captured, and sentenced to thirty years in the Phantom Zone.  In the intervening time, Krypton exploded.  Superman comes to Kandor as Ak-Var is released, having completed his sentence.  Phantom Zone regulars Jax-Ur, General Zod, Kru-El and Professor Vakox all cameo.


Ak-Var wants to stay on Earth, and use his powers, just like Superman.  But the rules are that anyone released from the Zone must take up residence in Kandor – although the Kandorians are none too pleased to have him around.  In fact, the story almost seems to imply that Ak-Var is one of the only people ever released.  He does run into his old gang, and his former girlfriend, all of whom have aged, while he stayed ageless in the Zone.


This story gives a lot of detail about life in Kandor.  Van-Zee, the double of Superman, takes a liking to Ak-Var, and introduces him to his niece, Thara.


Ak-Var former gang friends launch a crime spree, and frame Ak-Var.  Being only recently released from the Zone, no one believes him innocent, except Superman, Van-Zee and Thara.


Together, they expose the gang members as the real criminals.  Ak-Var becomes Van-Zee’s lab assistant.

Van-Zee is not seen again for a decade, returning for a story in World’s Finest Comics.  Ak-Var and Thara have to wait even longer, coming back in the Nightwing and Flamebird series in Superman Family in the late 70s.


Supergirl comes back to Earth with her transformed face in the concluding half of this Binder and Mooney story.  Superman tries to help restore her features, but with no success.  Comet doesn’t care about her looks (he’s a horse after all), but notices her way of thinking has changed, and doesn’t like that.


She feels like a freak, and takes off for Bizarro World, thinking to fit in there.  Wanting to fit in on Bizarro World is a pretty dumb idea.


Linda is stuck wearing a mask over her real face, but discovers that , somehow, her original appearance returned.  She learns that the man who caused it was so grief stricken by his actions, that he changed her back.  And so she ends, happily dancing with Dick Malverne.

An easy out.


Action 264 – Superman transforms Bizarro World, and Supergirl gets adopted


Binder, Boring and Kaye conclude the introduction of Bizarro World in Action 264 (May 1960).


The execution is put on hold when the bell rings to call an end to the work day, and rescheduled for a week later.  Superman dreams that he gets turned into a Bizarro, and has big problems when he returns to Earth (as per the cover image).  The Bizarros make him battle other prisoners in a gladitorial arena while he waits out the week.


Before they can carry out the sentence, Superman points out that their world itself is a perfect sphere, and offers to “fix” that.


So it is Superman himself who turns Bizarro World into a cube.  He is released from his sentence in gratitude.


Supergirl gets adopted, as the title of the story implies, in this Siegel and Mooney tale.


Under orders from Superman to not be adopted, Linda tries to make herself look unappealing, but a couple pick her anyway.


The father is a police officer, and the mother sits around knitting.  Linda finds the knitting boring, and uses her telescopic vision to watch her more dynamic father.  When he gets in trouble, she hypnotizes her new mom, and disguises herself as Superman to save him.


But when hoods almost kill Linda, we learn that they already had a daughter, who died at the hands of criminals.  They don’t want the same thing to happen to another daughter, so take Linda back to the orphanage.

Really?  They ought to have thought of that before adopting her in the first place.  Jerks.

Action 263 – Superman on the world of Bizarros


Bizarro returns in Action 263 (April 1960), in a great story by Binder, Boring and Kaye.


Bizarro and Bizarro Lois found an abandoned world, and decided to live there, refashioning their ruins into new habitation.  Lonely, Bizarro creates a perfect duplicator machine, and they use it on each other, to fill their world with identical duplicates.


Superman comes to check the planet out, and is puzzled by the insanity he sees all around him.  The Bizarro Code is first introduced, in which perfection is a crime.  Superman made the horrible mistake of fixing up some crumbling housing, for which he is arrested.


The other prisoners being held have also committed the crime of fixing or repairing things.  Superman tries to escape, but the Bizarro jailers have a gun that drains his powers.  The gun seems to work perfectly, but no one questions that.


Superman is put on trial, found guilty, and sentenced to be turned into a Bizarro.

The story concludes next issue.



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