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Detective 772 – Sasha Bordeaux gets tempted, and Josie Mac ends


Bruce Wayne: Fugitive nears its end with Detective 772 (Sept. 02), by Greg Rucka, Sergio Cariello and John Nyberg.


Sasha Bordeaux is the star of this issue, which centres on her time in prison.  She has been convicted and sentenced to life.  People are still coaxing her to turn on Bruce Wayne and confess all, and she begins to waver in this tale.  You really can’t blame her.  Prison life is hell, and everything indicates that she has been cut loose and abandoned.


As she reaches her lowest point, Alfred comes to visit.  He is brutally frank – yes, Bruce used her.  He uses everyone.  But he chose to bring her  into his world, he trusted her.  And a little honesty and compassion go a long way.


So Sasha keeps her silence.


Josie Mac’s story comes to a close this issue, by Winick and Chiang.  I found it curious that this does not pick up from the Two-Face scene that ended the previous one.  Yes, he told her that he was not the one who had her father killed, but he still had her at gunpoint.  What happened?


Anyway, she figures out that the one who killed him was working for the mobster who hired her, trying to bring him down and take his place.  She kills him, and after fudging the crime scene a bit, gets promoted to detective.  This odd ending does not do anything to win me over to the series, but Josie Mac does return.


Detective 771 – Batman does not like Checkmate, and Two-Face does not like Josie Mac


It’s Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part 12 in Detective 771 (Aug. 02), and Batman continues to be interested in anything other than his own case, according to Rucka, Lieber and McKenna.


Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya stake out the courthouse as Sasha Bordeaux’s trial begins, in case Bruce should happen to show up.  He doesn’t, of course, but Alfred does, out of respect for the woman, even though they had never met.  Alfred’s behaviour just does not match that of a man who would help a cold blooded killer flee justice, and Allen is having serious doubts about Bruce Wayne’s guilt.


Through David Said, Batman gets to communicate with Checkmate, and learns that they know who is behind the poisoned heroin, but will neither do anything about it, nor tell him who the man is.


Maggie Sawyer calls Allen on the table, after Alfred complains of his harassment.  Maggie insists Allen must find something, anything, to charge Alfred with if he wants to keep the heat on him.


And David Said and Batman identify the poisoner.  Said informs Batman that the man is NSA.

The story continues in the next issue.


Josie Mac and Batman take on Two-Face in the penultimate chapter of her first storyline, by Winick and Chiang.


Two-Face winds up between them, and tosses the child off a catwalk.  Batman dives to rescue the boy, and Two-Face takes advantage of the distraction to grab Josie Mac, and put a gun to her head.

The story concludes next issue.

Detective 770 – Checkmate in Gotham, and Batman meets Josie Mac


Rucka, Lieber and McKenna continue the poisoned heroin story in Detective 770.  The story itself is not bad, though very much a middle chapter, but I get bothered by the Batman: Fugitive numbering, which does not lend itself to the reading order it establishes, and even the fact that this is the third and final chapter of the”Purity” storyline, yet the story itself continues into the next issue!


Complaining aside, Batman does a good job of talking Tzu down, if only to turn him over to the police.  Batman also establishes a decent working relationship with David Said.

But all the other elements of the story – Allen and Montoya tailing Alfred, the poisoned heroin, Chcekmate’s shady dealings – continue on to the next issue.


Picking up on the Josie Mac story, now on it’s eighth chapter, by Judd Winick and Cliff Chiang.  Josie is still on the case of the mobster’s kidnapped child.  Her father was murdered, to try to get her to drop the case, but it just made her more determined.


Perhaps because of the dead father thing, Batman pays a visit to Josie Mac, and is far more friendly than usual.  They compare information, and Josie shares a psychic vision she had of the child thinking the kidnapper’s face was just like his.


Half the boy’s face is covered by a birthmark. The kidnapper is Two-Face.

The story continues next issue.



Detective 769 – Batman turns an ally into an enemy


Rucka, Lieber and Mark McKenna work on Detective 769 (June 2002), chapter 4 of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, the overall name for the stories published during the period when Batman couldn’t be bothered to clear his own name.


Tzu’s mind has become quite warped, and he thinks Batman is a godlike figure.  And though he hopes they will join forces against the heroin dealers, Batman does not want to get involved with him.  Tzu gets angry, and now believes Batman to be on the side of the dealers.


Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya question Alfred, as he tidies the long-neglected kitchen.  His certainty that Bruce is innocent, even though he vanished, puzzles the detectives.  By the end, they no longer think Alfred helped Bruce escape, but understand even less than before.


Checkmate agent David Said joins the mix.  Someone is poisoning the heroin, and it’s not the Triad, Tzu or Checkmate, but everyone wants answers.

The story continues in the next issue, even though Bruce Wayne: Fugitive continues in a completely different book.

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