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Detective 847 – Catwoman questions Zatanna


Dini, Nguyen and Fridolfs continue Heart of Hush in Detective 847 (Oct. 08), as part of Batman RIP.


We discover that, as a teen, Tommy Elliot was sent to a psychiatrist, a young intern named Jonathan Crane, who helped him come to grips with fear.


Knowing the Hush is back, and uncertain of his plans, Batman seeks out Robin and Nightwing to warn them, and finds them taking down a smaller version of the Wonderland Gang.  Tweedledee and Tweedledum have only the Walrus and the Carpenter working for them this time.


Zatanna is hanging out in front of the theatre she is performing in, running a three card monte game.  Which strikes me as kind of odd, but ok.  Selina confronts her there, but Zatanna tells her that she was rebuffed by Bruce, and that if Catwoman wants him, she should make her play.


Hush sends his drugged slaves to kidnap a young boy, hospitalized due to his intense fears, and turns him over to the Scarecrow.  Tutor and pupil, as Hush terms his relationship with Crane.

The story continues in the next issue.


Detective 841 – The Wonderland Gang


Dini, Nguyen and Fridolfs craft my favourite story from Dini’s run, “The Wonderland Gang,” which begins as a team-up of the Mad Hatter and Tweedledee and Tweedledum, in Detective 841 (April 2008).


By the time Batman encounters the gang, it has already gained a new member, the March Hare, a female inmate from Arkham.  Tweedledee and Tweedledum are now identical twins.  Previously, they had been cousins, but Dumfree died, in some unspecified way, and was replaced by Deever’s twin brother.  They are the muscle, with Hatter the brains.


The gang continues to expand, with a Lion and Unicorn, and later a Walrus and Carpenter.  Batman is surprised, as these people, like the March Hare, really do not have the powers or status to be working with the Mad Hatter.


Indeed, they are not.  The Tweedles are in control.  They snagged some of the Mad Hatter’s mind control gear, and are forcing him to front their gang.


Batman suspected as much, and works his way through the crew, although Hatter is happy to see him take the rest down.  The Carpenter also chooses not to fight.  She will return a couple years down the road in an excellent story in Batman – Streets of Gotham.


Back in Arkham, and on their meds, the Tweedles apologize to Jervis Tetch for their actions.  He slaps some mind control gear on them, and send them to fighting each other.

A great one-shot tale.

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