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Detective 837 – Harley Quinn and the Riddler, crime fighters


Dini, Kramer and Faucher give centre stage to the Riddler and Harley Quinn in Detective 837 (Dec. 2007), a tie-in to the Countdown weekly miniseries.


Edward Nigma’s agency is not doing as well as he had hoped, but things look to be turning around when Bruce Wayne comes to him with a case.  One of his employees has gone missing, along with an experimental serum, and Bruce offers the Riddler a hefty sum to retrieve it, and find the woman.


The Riddler tracks her to Athena’s spa, a centre for the empowerment of women, which has become home to Harley Quinn, as seen in Countdown.


Harley relates the circumstances that saw her leave the Secret Six, something that occurred between their miniseries and ongoing book.  Harley, along with Deadshot, Cat-Man, Scandal Savage, Knockout and Rag Doll, had been hired to protect an ambassador’s daughter during a parade.  Instead, Harley and Rag Doll got into a fight, which distracted everyone enough for kidnappers to steal the girl.  Harley got fired.


Holly Robinson, Catwoman’s sidekick, is also at the spa, as per Countdown, and joins the Riddler and Harley as they deal with the thief, who injects herself with the serum to take them down. It does not have the desired effect.


The Riddler retrieves the rest of the serum, returning it to Bruce Wayne.  We learn that he hired the Riddler and paid him well, simply to keep him content as a detective, and less likely to return to crime.


The story ends as Athena turns over vial of the serum, extracted from the thief’s blood, to DeSaad.

Harley, Holly and Athena and her spa continue their storyline in Countdown.

Detective 612 – Cats!


I may not have cared for the last 2-parter by Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell, but all is forgiven with Detective 612 (March 1990), a really wonderful story that has Catwoman making her first appearance in a Bat-book in years, as well as Cat-Man’s first post-Crisis appearance.


A white Siberian tiger is on the loose in Gotham, and Thomas Blake discovers that is escaped from his cage.  He dons a much cooler version of his Cat-Man costume, and goes on the hunt.


Catwoman also gets involved, after a tv reporter tries to tie her to the attacks, even implying that it was Catwoman, not the tiger, that was killing people.


Added into this is a plot about two young guys who round up stray cats in order to sell them for laboratory research.


Batman is tracking the tiger as well, and comes into confrontation with Cat-Man, as both find the beast at the same time.  Catwoman watches their fight with amusement, but when it looks like Cat-Man might win, sends him hurtling down towards the ground – though he winds up smashing through the roof of the truck being used by the cat-snatchers.


Great stuff all around. Gripping, yet also very funny.


It took a long time for them to bring Catwoman back into the fold, but this story made the wait well worthwhile.

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