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Action 311 – Superman – King of the World, and Supergirl and Super-Horse start dating


From the cover of Action 311 (Action 1964), I was fully expecting the Swan/Klein story to be an “Imaginary Story,” but it isn’t.  Superman really does take over the world.


Red kryptonite splits Superman and Clark Kent into different people.  This had happened before, though creating an evil Clark and Good Superman.  Red kryptonite can never have the same effect twice, so in this variation, Clark is good, and Superman is evil.


Superman heads to the United Nations, and demands that all the countries on Earth turn themselves over to his rule.  There is some debate among nations, but Superman shows what he will do to anyone who defies him,and everyone gives in.


Superman builds himself a big castle.


Dismayed at his behaviour, Clark forms an underground movement to overthrow him, consisting of Perry White, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Supergirl has a busy Valentine’s Day, thanks to Dorfman and Mooney.


Dick Malverne gives her candy.  Boooring.  Jerro tops that with a display of glowing fish. Comet watches, getting all jealous.


Comet travels back in time and begs Circe to make him human.  She warns him that she sees him regretting this choice, but begins a spell which will do just that.  It’s time-delayed, allowing him to make it back to his time period, before he changes and his powers fade.  But before he tranforms, Comet is found by a masked thief, and used in his robberies.


The thief changes clothes and takes off with his loot, just as Comet takes on human form again. He puts on the thief’s clothes – so you can see exactly where this is going to go.


For a few pages, Linda is re-united with Bronco Bill Starr, and they spend some loving, quality time together.  Just a girl and her horse, making out in front of a waterfall.


But then Bill gets accused of being the masked thief.  Supergirl is devastated, but chases him, convinced that he has also kidnapped Super-Horse.  Circe takes pity on him, and changes him back into his Super-Horse form.  The actual masked thief is caught, clearing Bill’s name, but too late.  He’s a horse again.

Action 293 – the absurdly complicated origin of Comet, the Super-Horse


Ok, brace yourself, it’s the origin of Comet, the Super-Horse in Action 293 (Oct. 62), by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney.


Linda is still vacationing at the ranch, and while out for a ride on Comet, he telepathically relates his story to her.  Long ago, in ancient Greece, he was a centaur, Biron.  Due to the manipulations of an evil wizard, Circe wound up turning him into a horse.


Feeling guilty about this, Circe devised a magic potion to give him various super-powers, including telepathy, and immortality (which explains why he has been around since then, and will still be around in the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes).


Comet saw Supergirl, while floating aimlessly through space, after being sucked into the void by a comet, and made his way back to Earth.  His story done (for now, more will come in a later issue), they fight off an alien invasion together.  Comet had known about this, and telepathically sent her dreams about himself, so that they would meet.


Just as the reader’s brain is about to melt from all of this, Linda discovers that Comet has been sold to a Hollywood producer.  Oh, No!

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