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Detective 799 – Batman’s plans go very wrong, and Poison Ivy’s plans work out


Gabrych, Woods and Smith open the third act of War Games in Detective 799 (Dec. 04).


Batman now has a desperate Commissioner Akins on his side. All the gangs have gathered in the big arena, with Tarantula looking after the kids in the crowd.  Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing are all stationed outside, with the police armed only with rubber bullets, at Batman’s insistence.


Orpheus takes the stage, and is meant to give a speech that will unite the gangs under him, and thus, under Batman.  But that does not happen.  Because it’s not Orpheus under the helmet, it’s Black Mask (though Batman does not learn that in this issue).


Onyx does find the corpse of the real Orpheus, but too late to warn anyone.


Batman swings down into the arena, attempting to take control of the situation.  But even that goes very wrong.  Firefly hits him with a jet of flame on his way down, and a burning Batman in the midst of dozens of criminals does not inspire terror.


Aside from Firefly, The Electrocutioner, Scarecrow and Tweedledum and Tweedledee appear in this issue.  Some of the gang members come pouring out the arena, and get into a shooting match with the police.  But they have real bullets and the police do not.


By the end of the issue, it is total chaos.  Commissioner Akins has had enough, and issues a shoot to kill order on Batman and his entire crew.

The story continues in Legends of the Dark Knight.


The Riddler’s story also comes to a close this issue, by McCarthy, Castillo and Ramos.


Ivy quickly catches up with the Riddler.  Not much use trying to hide from her in her own jungle.  Although the Riddler is waiting for Ivy to kill him, her intent is more subtle, and she continues to degrade and humiliate him.


In the end, she simply turns her back and contemptuously walks away.  Her goal was to destroy the Riddler, not kill Edward Nigma.  And she has succeeded.

Detective 646 – Electric City ends


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna bring their first storyline, Electric City, to a conclusion in Detective 646 (July 1992).


Although Batman and Robin rescue the publisher from a direct attack by Galivan, they underestimate the scopeof his powers, as he fries the man from a building across the way.


As the storyline progressed, Gordon keeps putting off asking Sarah to marry him, and begins to think it’s not such a good idea.  The fact that he is one of the people Galivan aims to kill does not improve the romantic mood.


The Electrocutioner has a very small role in this.  Robin takes him down pretty fast.  And both Robin and Commissioner Gordon distract Galivan from Batman, giving Batman the second he needs to catch his breath and take Galivan down for good.


And the story reaches a very happy ending, as Sarah Essen accepts Jim Gordon’s proposal.

Dixon was very skilled at mixing the heroes vs villains with the personal lives of the supporting cast.


Detective 645 – The Electrocutioner saves Batman’s life


Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna continue the Electric City storyline in Detective 645 (June 1992).


Robin finds Batman near death, and the Electrocutioner standing over him.  The Electrocutioner manages to convince Robin that he was not the one who electrocuted the hero.


And the story confirms that this Electrocutioner is not a rabid killer like the last one, as he  shocks Batman’s heart back into beating.


This issue also gives the backstory on Galivan.  A killer sentenced to the electric chair, he appeared to die in it, but  came back to life with the ability to draw electricity and shoot it out.  He blames all those who were at his execution, and is out to kill them.


A recovered Batman, as well as Robin, have also figured out Galivan’s motivation, and head to the offices of a newspaper publisher, his next intended victim.

The story concludes next issue.



Detective 644 – Electric City begins


Chuck Dixon begins his run on this book with Detective 644 (May 1992), with Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna on the art.


With no real preamble, we meet the main Villain of the story, Galivan, and see his first vengeful murder.  He has some degree of control over electricity, and using it drains the grid, so the murder he commits blacks out part of the city.


Commissioner Gordon and Sarah Essen have rekindled their old relationship, and things are getting serious enough that Gordon has bought a ring, even though he hasn’t worked up the courage to pop the question.


Montoya and Bullock are the investigating officers on the murder scene.  The two characters work very well together, and would be a team for many years.


Batman catches up to Galivan, who has no interest in killing him.He refers to his list of those he intends to kill, so we know there is more to his story than we have been given so far.


Batman barely survives Galivan’s attack, and is near death when the Electrocutioner shows up.  This appears to be a different man than the one from a year or so ago.  He wears the original costume,  and as the next issue makes clear, shares the original’s goal of taking down bad guys.

The story continues in the next issue.

Detective 626 – The Electrocutioner returns


Marv Wolfman, Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo revive the Electrocutioner in Detective 627 (Feb. 91), a villain introduced a decade earlier in the pages of Batman, who had gone on to be a major player in the Vigilante series.


The story takes place just after Commissioner Gordon’s heart attack, which occurred in the pages of Batman.  He is watched over by Sarah Essen, who was introduced in Batman: Year One, and recently brought back in the pages of Batman, while his duties are taken over by Detective Hanrahan, recently introduced in the pages of…do I need to finish that sentence?


The Electrocutioner looks nothing like the character used to, and now uses an electrified whip.


Batman recalls the earlier villain, in his much better costume, and the fact that he was reported killed (which occurred in Vigilante).


When Batman manages to confront him, the Electrocutioner is happy to explain that he is not the same man, just using his name.  And while the original Electrocutioner was a misguided vigilante, the new one is just a killer.


Batman figures out that his goal is killing Commissioner Gordon, and the big final fight occurs in the hospital room.  Sarah Essen helps Batman defeat him.

The Electrocutioner would return from time to time, though the person using that name would change.  In fact, rarely would the reader learn the identities of the men who adopt that alias.  And fortunately, all later Electrocutioners return to the better costume.


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