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Detective Annual 6 – Geist, the Twilight Man debuts


Detective Annual 6 (1993) is part of the Bloodlines crossover, running through the DC annuals this year. I hated Bloodlines.  I don’t know anyone who liked Bloodlines.  A bunch of aliens come to Earth and kill people. But some of the people they kill do not die, instead gaining super-powers.  Chuck Dixon, Jim Balent and Gary Fernandez do an ok job on this issue a short-lived and forgettable hero, Geist.


Those who survive the alien attack suffer memory loss, so this guy is given almost no backstory.  Which is fine, as it’s not needed.


Oh, look, the aliens got him.


And he wakes up, and discovers that he is invisible in the light, but can be seen in darkness.


For some reason, he figures this merits becoming a hero, and he makes himself a costume, and starts calling himself Geist, the Twilight Man.


And so, later on, when Harvey Bullock, Lieutenant Kitch and Renee Montoya are being menaced by another alien, Geist comes along to help.  As does Batman.  It’s Jean-Paul Valley in the costume, but he gets so little time in the issue, one could almost miss that.


Geist does prove himself useful, making Renee Montoya invisible as well, saving her from being killed by the alien.


The final page does give Jean-Paul the opportunity to show what a jerk he is, although I suspect Bruce Wayne would have been equally dismissive of this hero.

Geist returns in the Bloodlines finale.

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