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Action 443 – Superman saves the Justice League


Maggin, Swan and Blaisdel give Superman a big line up of allies and enemies in Action 443 (Jan. 75).


The story opens in a very disorienting way, with Superman as a nebbishy newscaster, picked on by Steve Lombard and rejected by Lois Lane.


While Clark Kent is the one leaping into heroic action against Queen Bee and her drones.


Queen Bee is leading a host of villains against the Justice League of America.  Most of them are regularly appearing big names – Chronos, Sinestro, Ocean Mchroaster, Grodd and Brainiac.  Matt Hagen makes his first appearance in over a decade as Clayface.  Merlyn and the Harpy are both newcomers. Harpy, the villain assigned to Black Canary, had appeared in Green Lantern, while Merlyn, who would go on to become a regular Green Arrow enemy, had only debuted recently in Justice League of America.


The assembled villains had already triumphed over the rest of the Justice League, and in flashback we see them taking down Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Aquaman, Atom and Red Tornado.  At this point, Wonder Woman and Hawkman were not members of the JLA.


Superman has used a Kandorian machine to reverse people’s perceptions of Superman and Clark Kent, simply to puzzle the villains.  They bring him aboard their ship, which is what he wants.  As he struggles with Grodd and Clayface, his heat vision pierces the capsule the Flash is being held in, and the Flash exploits this, and frees himself, and the rest of the League.


A lot of characters.  The story is fun, but I cannot honestly say it makes the most of its cast.


Action 424 – Superman vs Grodd, and Green Arrow likes the candy

act_424 Maggin, Swan and Anderson bring Superman to the apes in Action 424 (June 1973). act_424_001 Lois Lane and Clark Kent are sent to New York City to cover Solovar’s address to the United Nations.  Solovar is demanding official recognition for Gorilla City, to prevent human encroachment.  This apparently includes appearing outside of the Flash’s comic, so others will know who he is, and about Gorilla City. act_424_002 Gorilla Grodd has also left the pages of the Flash, and come to the United Nations to kill Solovar.  Superman tussles with him first, but Grodd uses his telekinesis to weaken Superman’s blows, and defeats him. act_424_003 An aggressive Solovar then bursts out, and takes down a surprisingly passive Grodd. act_424_004 Superman recovers, and figures out that Grodd has switched their minds, and is now in Solovar’s body.  Superman defeats “Solovar”, and with both unconscious, their minds return to their own bodies. act_424_005 Maggin is joined by Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano on this fun Green Arrow tale. act_424_006 Oliver Queen discovers a small candy shop, whose goods he thinks are exceptional.  So he decides to promote them, intending to show his public relations skills, and get more clients.  It works extremely well – except that the shop is a front for jewel thieves, who are not happy about all the attention. act_424_007 Green Arrow gets wind of things, and busts the bad guys, while the innocent chocolatier  goes on to get her own, honest candy store.

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