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Action 533 – The H.I.V.E. kidnap Jimmy Olsen, and Air Wave and the Atom to the rescue


Wolfman, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude Superman’s two-part battle with the H.I.V.E. in Action 533 (July 1982).


While Superman follows the fake information fed to Lois Lane, and protects S.T.A.R. Labs, the H.I.V.E. pull off their real plan, capturing Jimmy Olsen by stealing the entire train car he is in.


Jimmy’s signal watch, which is not used nearly as much as it had been in the 60s, comes in handy in this story, as it gets Superman there just in time.


Lois is not completely off the hook.  The H.I.V.E.member she impersonated in the previous issue comes looking for trouble.  Superman cannot get to her in time, he is busy rescuing Jimmy.  But Lois proves capable of taking down her would-be killer herself.


Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte bring Air Wave in for the conclusion of the Atom’s nuclear Curacao vacation. Now that the Atom has stopped the bombers, who have been killed by their leader by remote control, he tracks the signal to Dallas.


Coincidentally, Jack Jordan was also on the trail of the mastermind, although his attempt to disguise himself was pretty lame, and didn’t work.


Air Wave really gets to be the hero of this tale, and even gets to fly the Atom back to Curacao.



Action 526 – Superman vs Neutron, and Air Wave’s new power


Wolfman, Staton and Chiaramonte conclude the Neutron storyline in Action 526 (Dec. 81).


Morgan Ledge gathers the Daily Planet/WGBS staff on the roof for the celebration of the return of the globe.  Lis Lane, Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen, and of course Perry White are there. Meanwhile, Clark is frantically searching the city as Superman.  Neutron has told him that he has placed bombs throughout the city.  The art alone makes it fairly obvious that one of them is in the big glowing globe, surrounded by all his friends.  But it takes Superman until close to the end of the story to figure that out.


Along the way, Superman runs into the H.I.V.E.  They want to get rid of the bombs as well, and could work with Superman on this goal, but prefer to try to kill him.


Superman gets rid of the explosive globe, but replaces it with a safe one.  He captures Neutron far more easily than one might expect, encasing him while he is in his energy form.


Air Wave gets a more series adventure in this issue, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Colletta.


After being struck by lightning, Hal discovers that he has the ability to pick up on people’s thoughts, justas if they were broadcasts.  This comes in useful at school, when quizzed on work he hadn’t read.  But even more useful when his uncle Jack gets kidnapped.


Jack Jordan is a District Attorney, and he has been grabbed by mob goons who want vengeance.  Air Wave’s telepathy vanishes before the end of the story, but helps him find, and save, his uncle.


Action 488 – Microwave Man defeats Superman, and Air Wave begins


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Microwave Man story in Action 488 (Oct. 78).


Now made youthful by his alien friends, Microwave Man seeks out Superman for battle.  His powers are based on the microwave energies that he can draw off of, and the fact that there is no much more of this in the 70s than in the 40s means that his powers are far greater than they had been in the past.


But Superman can see that the energy is also burning the man out, and that he refuses to quit until he wins. Superman allows himself to be beaten, simply to get the man to stop.  But Microwave Man collapses, and dies, as had been his wish.  The aliens make this clear to Superman, that he knew being made young again would kill him, but he wanted to die a triumphant villain.

You know, for a villain, Microwave Man didn’t seem like such a bad guy.


Air Wave moves into his own series, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte, having been a supporting character in Green Lantern for the past few months.


Hal Jordan is the son of the original Air Wave, and nephew of his namesake.  His powers are greater than his fathers, as he can travel through radio and television waves, and doesn’t have to roller skate on telephone lines.  He moves to Dallas in this story, taking up residence with another of Green Lantern’s brothers, Jack Jordan.


Air Wave meets the girl next door, Karen Peterson.  They go out on a date to a model train exhibit, where Hal gets into action as Air Wave.  He tries to cover his identity, but Karen proves more observant than the average girlfriend, and is pretty sure he is Air Wave.

The DC Implosion strikes before the next Air Wave story could come out, and the series remains in limbo for a year, returning in these pages in 1980.

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