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Detective 739 – Two-Face prosecutes Jim Gordon


Two-Face is at the heart of this 2-parter, by Greg Rucka, Damion Scott and John Floyd.  Detective 739 (Dec. 99) rounds out the publishing year as No Man’s Land nears its finale.


This issue consists almost entirely of the trial that Two-Face puts Jim Gordon on. He accuses Jim of making a deal with Two-Face, and then reneging on it when Two-Face called on him for help.  Speaking of Two-Face throughout as if he were a different person, Harvey Dent goes on to show that, due to Gordon’s actions, Renee Montoya and her family were held captive for 5 months. Renee herself is forced to testify.


It’s an insane, but masterful prosecution, and Gordon looks despondent.


Renee then forces Harvey to act as Gordon’s defense. Part of the deal he made with Renee to get her to be part of the trial was to promise to turn himself in if Gordon was acquitted, so Harvey is fighting for his life, against himself.


His inner sense of justice prevails, and Two-Face declares Jim Gordon innocent, and allows Renee to take him to jail.

Nevertheless, the bond created between these two would play out big time in this book, over the next couple of years.

Detective 734 – Batman and the Cains


Detective 734 (July 1999) concludes a two-part story by Kilian Plunkett, Damion Scott and John Floyd, which introduces David and Cassandra Cain, a father and daughter assassin team.  This story falls during the No Man’s Land period.


Cain has come to Gotham to fulfill a hit on Jim Gordon.  Barbara has gotten wind of it, and notified Batman.  Cassandra waffles on her loyalties, but chooses to help Batman and stop her father.


We get a little of her backstory.  She has never been taught to speak, and apparently hasn’t figured it out on her own.  She speaks only a “language of violence” taught her by her father.


Not being able to speak doesn’t cause her much trouble, and it does make the stories she appears in pretty quick reads, but the pair of them have always felt like the father and daughter Al Ghul’s, done lite.

Even still, she prevents Two-Face from doing anything about his plans to have Gordon killed.


She also gets between her father and Batman, preventing them from killing each other.  David Cain escapes, largely because Batman has too much else on his plate to go after him.


The story ends with Oracle thanking Batman, and Cassandra.  There is a bit with Barbara passing a photo of Batgirl to Cassandra, which is meant to convey Barbara’s acceptance that Cassandra will become the new new Batgirl.

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